Vegan Pesto – Anima Veg 180 gr (BF21)


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Lactose free and gluten free, the perfect alternative to the traditional Genovese pesto


This vegan pesto is a great the alternative to the traditional Genovese basil pesto. Lighter and healthier result without compromising on taste.

Gluten free and lactose free, this sauce is ideal not only for vegans but also for people intolerant to lactose.

Anima Veg replaced cheese with tofu to obtain a pure vegan result without compromising on taste and creaminess. Highly recommended for both vegans and not!

Pairings: The texture of this sauce makes it perfect in combination with pasta but also spread on toast, sandwiches and canapés.


Ingredients: Fresh Genovese basil, extra virgin olive oil and tofu

Storage: After opening, store in the refrigerator and enjoy within 10 days

Serving: 2

Shelf life: 24 months

Weight: 180 gr