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Royal Crab Meat (Lump) (454g)


Product Description:

Royal Crab Meat (Lump) offers a luxurious seafood experience, featuring large, succulent pieces of crab meat prized for their sweet flavor and delicate texture. This crab meat is typically sourced from premium-quality crabs and meticulously processed to ensure the highest standards of freshness and taste. Each container contains approximately 454 grams of lump crab meat, perfect for creating gourmet dishes such as crab cakes, salads, pasta dishes, or simply enjoying on its own. Royal Crab Meat (Lump) is a versatile ingredient that adds a touch of elegance to any meal.

Nutritional Values (Approximate per 100g serving):

– Calories: 100 kcal
– Protein: 20g
– Fat: 1.5g
– Saturated Fat: 0.5g
– Trans Fat: 0g
– Cholesterol: 75mg
– Sodium: 400mg
– Carbohydrates: 0g
– Dietary Fiber: 0g
– Sugars: 0g

Please note that these values are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as the specific species of crab and any additional ingredients used in processing. Always refer to the packaging for precise nutritional information.