Rosé – San Michele a Ripa 2018 (BF21)


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HISTORY AND TRADITION: Ripatransone, the home of Cantina San Michele a Ripa, is a natural amphitheater overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The steep hills of this territory are embraced by the sea on one side and the great Sibillini mountains on the other. The ancient village of Ripatransone, 500 meters above sea level, is also known as Belvedere Piceno (meaning “Piceno Viewpoint”) because of the stunning view that can be enjoyed looking at the horizon, ranging from the Sibillini mountain chain and the Adriatic Sea. The uniqueness of this territory is the reason why the Alfonzi family, always fond of the culture of wine, decided to buy an old farmhouse in Ripatransone and built an underground cellar. In the area where this winery’s vineyards are cultivated, there were pre-existing 70-year-old vines.
MISSION: The company philosophy is to produce high-quality wines that respect the authenticity of the area and use traditional processes, combined with the most modern enotechnology. No synthetic chemicals nor GMOs are involved in the cultivation of the grapes of this winery, which follows organic farming methods in their production. Additionally, this family has been experimenting with biodynamic agriculture, which does not involve chemicals and minimizes the need for machinery in the field. This family business revolves around respect for the course of nature. In this way, this winery “lives” the earth and tries to establish a deeper connection with nature, characterized by a harmonious coexistence.

VINE: Ripatransone area; a combination of red grape varieties including Montepulciano, Petit, and Merlot.

VINEYARD: medium density rather sandy soil with gravel and stones. Elevation: 300 meters above sea level

VINIFICATION: the grapes are harvested by hand and placed in boxes, the skins are softly pressed and the grapes are vinified with limited contact with the skins.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: organic and biodynamic

CHARACTERISTICS: This is a textbook “saignée” wine: moderately fruity, fresh, fragrant, and lively.

PAIRINGS: This wine is ideal as an aperitif with crudité or light fish and rice/pasta dishes, as well as white meats.




Bottle of 75 cl


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