Lutzville – Chenin Blanc 2020 (W13)


Accolades | Veritas Awards Bronze 2019, Gold Wine Awards 2019, Women’s Wine & Spirit Award Gold 2019, Gilbert & Gaillard Gold 2019, Japan Woman’s Wine Awards Silver 2019

Wine Style | Off-dry,medium bodied white

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Tasting Notes

This is a voluptuous wine, filled with intricate flavours of peach, litchi and guava, backed by undertones of lime and passionfruit. Well balanced, with good length and fruit flavours that carry through on the palate.


Alc: 12.73vol% RS: 5.6g/l pH: 3.52 TA: 7.12g/l


Through historic Khoi Sun Nomadic tribes, followed by a French Explorer and Lutzville producers, the fertile banks were planted with Chenin blanc vineyards. Selected vineyards were chosen from so many, to produce wines for different style identities. The vineyards planted in deep alluvial soil are influenced by misty sea breezes and delivers fruit with minerality. The other vineyards planted in Karoo-type red sand and lime soil produce fruit with tropical aromas. Harvested separately from the different sites, a unique expression from the greater different vineyard sites of the Lutzville valley is obtained.

Harvest & Cellar Treatment

The grapes, picked from two different site identities, involves different winemaking practices in the cellar. For the first picking we do extended

skin contact before cold fermentation. This is to achieve the most varietal fruit flavours and protect the freshness from the Lutzville sea-influenced grapes. The later pickings from stronger Karoo-type soil deliver tropical fruit with more glycerol and creamy texture layers. The winemaking team carefully identify the percentage to be blended from each terroir giving our wine a perfect balance of different fruit expressions.


This fresh, yet complex style, with riper layers, matches well with roasted chicken, sweet and sour pork, prawn risotto or smoked salmon dishes.

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