“GENTILE” Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.25cl (BF21)


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Frantoio Cartechini is very transparent when it comes to traceability and authenticity, enjoy getting to know this great oil from the Adriatic coast!


Did you know that olive oils are not all the same? Tracing the olives’ origin, as well as the details of the cultivation and production, can be quite tricky. Labels of imported olive oils don’t often offer all the information we need to make an informed decision when doing our shopping.

Gentile Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very transparent when it comes to traceability and authenticity, two values that are particularly dear to the Italian Foodie Corner! Enjoy getting to know this great oil:

GENTILE Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Frantoio Cartechini is produced with olives deriving mainly from areas along the Adriatic coast, Marche region, Central Italy. Olives from this region are characterized by a delicate flavour with bitter and spicy notes, pleasing to the palate. Additionally, the high content index of polyphenols and antioxidant substances brings out the best taste of your dishes.

Serving suggestions: drizzle the oil on fish and boiled vegetables, white meats, wines and white pizzas, salads.

The characteristic of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it can be combined with any type of light flavour dish thanks to its extremely delicate taste that does not cover the flavours but only enhances the taste of your ingredients.


Additional info:

AVAILABLE FORMATS: 250ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and 3 liters
TYPE: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
OLIVE CULTIVAR: Leccio del Conero, Orbetana, Mignola, Raggia, Coroncina
HARVESTING PERIOD: October – November
PROCESSING: Mechanical pressing
APPEARANCE: Light green color to straw yellow
TASTE: Herbaceous, with hints of green apple and tomato, with balanced tones of bitter and spicy




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